David Belforde

Are you searching for a Brand Ambassador who speaks your style?

David Belforde is a sought-after Freelance model based in Melbourne, Australia. With national experience in Fashion Catalogue, Commercial and Promotional Modelling and a special interest in Fitness Modelling, David attributes his success to his commitment to maintaining strict diet, exercise and sleep routines.  He has worked with leading Australian brands including Aquilla, Lululemon and Aussiebums, charming audiences worldwide.

Following seven years of service with the Australian Army (including a deployment to Afghanistan), David turned his attention to modelling, entering the fashion fields with a bold look.  In his previous position of rifle man, he had to face new challenges head on.  David brings the qualities of patience, stamina and flexibility to his role as a model. A disciplined and determined go-getter, he embarks on each project he undertakes with one hundred percent commitment.

His unique approach is characterised not only by his stylish look but by his ability to impress both on and off the set.  David’s experiences have equipped him with superb communication skills, which he uses to develop rapport with his clients. He helps others to promote products and actualise their fashion aspirations by listening to the needs of his clients, following directions and delivering work that exceeds their expectations. He is able to work well under pressure, using his quick-thinking and problem solving skills to make necessary changes backstage during fashion shows, whilst remaining poised in front of audiences.  David is regularly thanked by clients for his versatility, efficiency and strong work ethic. 

David connects clients’ brands with their communities by being a familiar face (or body or both!) With a strong sense of style and focused facial projection and posture, David is the ideal choice for all types of clothing styles.  He is self-sufficient and is able to enhance his appearance by considering aspects such as colours, camera techniques and facial features.

From print media to fashion shows, you can depend on David to tell the story of your brand in a unique and universally appealing way. Find out how David can represent your brand and bring your vision to life here.

Specialities: Fashion catalogue model/Commercial model/Print model/ Fitness model/ Brand Ambassador/ Product/Event promotion/ Trade show model/ RSA Certificated Host/ National/Regional Alcohol Promotions